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Hello from a newbie with Beogram 4000 issue

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Beogramcollector posted on Mon, Aug 2 2021 7:57 PM

Hi chaps 

I’ve been a long time lurker and really enjoyed reading all the various threads.

However, I’ve got to the stage where rather than lurking, I could do with a little bit of pointing in the right direction.

My Beogram 4000 has an issue that I can’t seem to fix. I’ve done a lot of reading up, video watching etc. however it’s a bit of a headscratcher.

When pressing “Start” the tonearm moves across toward the platter and the stylus drops almost immediately. I’ve recently been doing some mild servicing, including cleaning the stop switches and adjusting the tonearm height and wonder whether something I’ve done has upset the B&O universe.

Everything lights up correctly, but the photocell arm drops the tonearm at the exact position where it would sense the platter should start, which isn’t good ! This happens whether a record is in place, just the platter or even without a platter. I’ve cleaned the photocell glass/plastic cover so no issues with that affecting things.

Luckily I’m running an old cart on a test record whilst I’m in service mode, so no worries about damaging those bits.

Caps, resistors etc are all original.

I do have to say, from an engineering point of view, the 4000 is a joy.

Thanks in advance !





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