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Eclipse airplay and picture

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davvaer posted on Mon, Jun 28 2021 10:52 PM

Hello. I have not found any info about this little question i have.


I have a Mk1 Eclipse , i use my iPhone to airplay over spotify/soundcloud. It works good and the picture is black.


I wonder if its possible to have picture from like an AppleTv when the sound is still playing from the airplay in the background. 

For example the sound is still from spotify but the picture is from a football game running from my A-TV.




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Aussie Michael
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My guess is that this is not possible in the default setup 

Your Eclipse is made up of 2 parts: the TV and the SoundCentre (speaker and stand), they are connected together with HDMI and Ethernet cable to make it all work as intended. 

The Apple TV (ATV) is plugged in to the Sound Centre and the sound comes out of the Sound Centre and the picture is displayed on the TV and you have control with your BeoRemote One 

Have you tried plugging the Apple TV in to the TV HDMI as a test? My guess is you could however you lose BeoRemote One control 

Leave your current HDMI setup incase all of the cables are routed correctly, take out the one from the ATV and take a new HDMI cable if you have one lying around and connect it from the ATV to the TV panel itself. 

You may lose the control with the BROne. 

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