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Beocord 1200 - no output from left channel (but input OK)

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ThomA posted on Tue, Jun 22 2021 2:07 PM

I've been working on restoring this recent bargain - I've had the belts changed and pretty much everything else is now working okay. However, I recently had to open up the circuit board panel at the rear which are mounted on a hinge (behind the left reel). 

When I put it back, and started playing again, there was no sound from the left channel. I've checked the input and both channels work in PA mode. I've checked the output cable and there're no issues there, so if's definitely related to the player - in playback mode or record mode, there's nothing coming from the left channel. Similarly, if I select a mono or single channel input using the lower right buttons on the control panel (even the right channel), no sound comes out at all. 

I fear I may have moved or disconnected something when putting the circuit panels back in place. Is this possible? Any advice on where to look? I don't think it's the playback head since it's happening without playback (i.e. when the record buttons are pushed and the player is paused), but I hope it's nothing too difficult.

EDIT: This is happening through both the regular output and the headphone output, so it doesn't appear to be that either.

Any ideas?

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