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Beosystem 3 - Projector control

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joakimegeland posted on Wed, Jun 16 2021 1:18 PM

I'm looking for a way to turn my projector on/off when switching from my beovision 4 to my projector when using the beosystem 3. 

My projector (mitsubishi HC6500) has an RS 232 input, and i've tried connecting this to the cinema output of the beosystem 3 with no luck. Are there any settings that need to be in place/changed for this to work?

Are there any alternate ways of achieving this same result? Can i use an IR blaster to turn the projector on/off. 


All help is appreciated



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Tassos replied on Thu, Jun 17 2021 9:26 AM


as far as I know you need to enter the scene setup menu where you can adjust the timing for the different control outputs of your system (at least this is how it is done in beosystem 4). To enter the menu you need a key sequence which is: menu 00 go. Or you can use one of the puc sockets.

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