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Beosound 9000 Clamp or Sledge problem. HELP needed

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TiagoSuper3 posted on Thu, Jun 10 2021 8:53 PM

Hello there. I am making this thread because my beosound 9000 mk2 is currently broken.

It was working perfectly till some time ago when I turned off the beosound after listening to some music the sledge instead of going to cd1 decided to stopped at cd2.

After that I couldn’t play any more discs or anything, the CD player was broken. I tried to unlock the sledge manually from the underside of it (as stated on the service manual) and then I  locked it ok cd1.

And nothing happened. It was still broken. And at that time I noticed that when I tried to play a cd the beosound just froze in cd1 doing nothing and then 10seg after turning off by itself. And also after that I also noticed that when I clicked the open lid button it takes a lot of time till it opens.

And when it opens sometimes it stops at half way and I hear like a relay clicking sound (rebooting)? I scanned for error codes with tm27 in test mode.

It gave me 3 errors. One IIC - 104 - Motor FEP / One SLG - 33 - CC Clamp Pos Error and one APS - 15 - CC Info TTM Timeout Error.

After that I took some research and I thinked that the sledge motor had failed. I started to disassemble the beosound and I needed to release the sledge so I can put it on the middle. I put code  tm72 on cd to try and release the sledge but the display froze at TM NO? 72.


And then after some little time rebooted it self (again?). I unlocked it again manually and took the keyboard part of it off. I unplugged the sledge motor and used 9v to test it , and the sledge moved ! So the sledge motor isn’t the problem.


Then I reassembled it , and tested putting the sledge in cd6 unlocked and turning it on to see what happened. When I turned it on the sledge moved to cd1 and locked into place ! But then it was trying to spin the disc that was inserted but it seemed that it didn’t grab it enough because it was scratching in the rubber parts that hold the cd in place when it isn’t being played.


I looked at the service manual again and the one of the codes that appeared ( the SLG-33-clamp error) stated that the PCB22 maybe faulty. I purchased one online and I am waiting till it gets here. But I want to be sure that PCB22 is the problem. Because after testing the beosound again much more times I started to realise that the problem maybe is that the clamp motor locks the sledge but CANT unclock it afterwards. But I am not sure. I need more help so I can bring this piece of art back to life.


thank you :D

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