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Beogram 4002 Type 5501 with bad waterdamage

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Mellops posted on Tue, Jun 1 2021 10:44 AM


I am eyeballing Beogram record players already for quite some time but never got one because the available ones seemed crazy expensive.

Then two weeks ago I found an offer of a "water damaged" 4002 on eBay. I offered the seller half of what he was asking and to my surprise got the player for 150€.

Since I love restoring old things as I see it a bit as a puzzle for adults its a win win for me. Especially since I am not a collector but just love the look and sound of the Beograms and am rebuilding it for my own use.

After taking it apart I found that the water damage is not a bit of water that ran into it but it must have stayed in water for quite some time.

My first step was to clean everything up. I cleaned the electronic elements with alcohol and sandblasted the inner side of the housing with wallnut. Unfortunately the outer side of the cover is a bit corroded meaning I have to completely repaint it. And this is also what brings me to my first questions:

Did anyone ever print the text and signs (PLAY -----> TRANSP., Made in Denmark *and square* usw.) on foil and transfered it to a newly painted housing? Or is the Black/Silver CD4 OFF Sticker available somewhere?

In terms of the electronics I am replacing all capacitors which is quite easy since they say exactly what they are. Its a bit more tricky for the carbon potentiometers which are pretty rusted away. Can anyone help me what exactly to get here?

I left the title quite vage since I believe I will have a lot more questions to follow after these two so I think its better to keep it on a project level.

Here is a picture how it looked when I opened it up: Not too good :D

Thanks in advance!




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