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Just got a sort of functioning Beomaster 8000 - flashing display

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Cplyons posted on Thu, Feb 7 2013 9:36 PM

I took a gamble on an eBay 8000, and received it today. It looks great. Function is more up in the air. Brief test of FM shows it works well, presets work, manual tuning works, volume, other controls work. And I've gotta say it sounds wonderful. Main problem is ongoing flashing of the LED's in the display. Also there are several LED segments that are just non-functional. It was not that well cushioned for shipping (plastic peanuts!?? Are you kidding me?!?), so this might be one or more internal components dislodged or shorting.

  I am definitely taking this to my tech but wanted to ask if there is an opinion on the behavior from the great hive mind...


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