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Beovision stand service repair

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pepps Posted: Tue, May 4 2021 12:50 PM


I recently acquired a new Beovision 7-40mk3 from eBay.

When I brought the new BV back home I noticed the slightest bit of resistance in the turning cycle of the stand. After assembling the BV on the stand and powering everything up the problem worsened and the stand got stuck part way through its rotation.

So here's how to resolve this if you find a similar sounding problem with your Beovision stand:

Disconnect all power to the Beovision before diconnecting the stand lead

1. Remove the BV and any speakers attached to the stand
2. Lift the thin cover plate up and carefully secure it as far up as possible - you will need to remove any speaker brackets first
3. Take a torx bit and a screwdriver handle and unlock the torx screw in the centre of the stand - remove it with thin pliers and place it safely to one side
4. Don't undo any more screws!
5. Gently lift the stand straight upwards - it will all come away apart from the base, ball-bearings and bearings housing, toothed bracket and small central toothed piece (this small piece might stay with the stand, check and find it
6. Place the stand safely down on its side - don't bang it about
7. Inspect the ball-bearings housing - if the stand gets stuck during rotation it's likely the bearings housing has come out of its track or there is too much dirt and gunk on the ball-bearings
8. Gently lift out the ball-bearings housing and place it on a large piece of paper or old towel (the ball-bearings won't fall  out) - gently rotate it on the paper or towel to clean off the ball-bearings and remove any large bits of dirt/grit/fluff
9. Using an old cloth gently clean out the track in which the ball-bearing housing sits
10. Apply a light covering of silicon lubricant to the ball-bearing track (the channel inside the base which you just cleaned with a cloth)
11. Gently place the ball-bearing housing back in the right alignment in it's track
12. Find the small toothed piece - it'll either be in the base or it will have stayed attached to the stand when the two parts were seperated. This needs to be placed on the bottom of the stand mated centrally with the teeth fixed to the stand mechanism. This governs the amount of turn left and right so it needs to be in the right place when you re-assemble. Top help get this right you can place it in the two small mounting holes in the base to see how it should go. Its teeth need to be facing the teeth of the toothed bracket which is screwed to the base permanently. Then transfer this to the stand itself ready to re-assemble
13. When you're happy the toothed piece is in the right place, gently bring the stand back over the base and lower it into place. TAKE YOUR TIME and much care - perhaps get someone else to help steady the stand with you - the BV7-40 stand is really heavy. The plastic teeth need to be treated with care so take is slow and steady
14. Replace the torx screw in the central hole
15. Lower the thin plate back down - check the little plastic collar is taped to the underside of the thin plate before it's lowered (the collar(s) protect the stand from scratches as the thin plate is moved up and down and sometimes the original tape fails so the plastic collars are found sat on the base. There is one on the single pole for the BV32 and there are two on the double poles of the BV40 and larger)
16. Re-assemble and test

Remember: never connect or disconnect a stand to a Beovision when it is connected to power. Remove the power from the mains before going anywhere near that stand lead!

After performing this fix on my BV stand yesterday the stand now glides around very smoothly and quietly as it should have all along.

Hope this helps someone out there.


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