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Beosound 4000 - lights flicker on startup, then system unresponsive

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VirtualKev posted on Sun, May 2 2021 4:00 PM

Oh wise ones...

Yesterday a neighbor put out a B&O system for the garbagemen to collect (!)

I rescued it. He had left out a 100% working pristine pair of Beolab 8000 speakers, an apparently 100% working BEO4 remote, and a not quite right in the head Beosound 4000 main unit.

The Beosound 4000 looks ok -- no dings or signs of misuse.  But on plugging into the wall socket, the white interior lights initially flash or flicker for 20-30 seconds.

Lights then stabilize, remaining on, but the unit remains unresponsive -- doors don't open in response to handwave, no motor noises, no response to remote, and when I manually open the doors there's no response to any button-presses etc

Thoughts on this? Worth my opening up, or paying a pro to replace a power supply, or...?

Many thanks

VirtualKev ("newbie")

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