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Judge a previous owner's bypass (MX6000 yoke board)

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djh_ posted on Fri, Apr 16 2021 3:55 PM


The MX6000 I've been slowly trying to restore has started either a) shutting down after a random amount of use, or b) not starting back up again, requiring a bypass of the failsafe via service mode. The picture geometry is now pretty good following a recap of the mainboard, but I couldn't help but notice this:

The previous owner has had to bypass two catastrophically damaged points on the yoke board, and though I'm planning to check and replace TR33 on the mainboard while I'm at it, I'm wondering if this fix is going to need repair as well.

Bonus question: I have an MX4000 I'm prepared to use as a donor set, where this particular board looks good as new. How hard would it be to replace the above one with it, and are they compatible? Also, bearing in mind that the set has a great picture when it's on, is it best to leave those wires underneath which have been basically grafted into the plastic?

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