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Beomaster 4400 problem

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Lisse, the Netherlands
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Raymond posted on Sun, Apr 11 2021 1:39 PM

Hi guys, this is Raymond from the Netherlands. and proud owner of a Beomaster 4400 and a Beogram 4002.

Found this forum as I was searching for help with my Beomaster 4400.

This is the problem:


  1. First speakers where attached to speaker1 port. After a while the sound from one of the channels was gone. Them I tested the speakers on speaker port 2 and everything worked again. so for then, problem solved Smile
  2. Next I had my Ipad attached to tape 1. Everything worked fine. After a while no sound. Tested the Ipad on tape 2, worked again. Problem solved.
  3. But now, again one channel of the speakers stopped working.
  4. I ordered a service kit from:
  5. Replaced most parts except for a few capacitors which already seamed replaced. All the trimmers I replaced I put visually in the same position as the old ones.
  6. Tested the receiver. Still not good.Current problems:
  7. ipad on tape 2: left speaker sound much much louder than right speaker. Adjusted the trimmers, left speaker as quiet as possible, right as loud as possible then they are about even. Doesn't seem ok to me.
  8. With the volume slide at 3-4 I get a very low sound, normal listening volume is now at 7-8 (previously I had my volume at 3 for normal loudness).
  9. Same situitation for ipad at tape 1. Same for phono.
  10. There also seems to be a lot more crackle (do'n know if this is the right word Smile) when sliding the volume and balance slide.

Long story I know Big Smile. I hope this is a known problem to someone and he or she can help me out.

Would love to have this beauty in working order again. 


Many thanks for your support upfront.

Best regards,



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chartz replied on Sun, Apr 11 2021 3:25 PM
Hi Raymond, and welcome!

My guess: bad contacts in the speaker selection switches, and possibly more bad contacts everywhere.

Check for bad solder joints.

Also dirty pots.

Inspect everything.

Do you smoke?


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Lisse, the Netherlands
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Hi Chartz,

Thanks fo your quick reply!Good suggestion, I'll check these switches. I believe I've replaced all the pots that looked eroded. 
I'll give it another close check.

As for your last question, no thanks Big Smile. But I know smoke can mess up the inside of your amp as well. But I must say this one looks pretty clean to me.

I'll keep you posted.

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