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My Beloved Beogram 2400 - Help

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maxmorningheight posted on Thu, Apr 8 2021 9:58 PM

I recently pulled my Beogram 2400 out of storage again, fixed the slow arm lift issue and was thrilled that it worked perfectly. After listening to my fourth album, in the middle of the album she started a fairly loud hum. It continued after turning the 2400 off and stopped only after I unplugged it from the wall outlet. After it cooled down it played perfectly again.I remembered that I had this issue last time i got it out of storage about 10 years ago. After about an hour of playing it starts a steady hum. I bought this new some 40 years ago and have only replaced the belt and the cartridge some 15-20 years ago. I love this thing! It's like having an old friend back. Could this be a transformer? I'd love to repair it and use this daily as it's revived my love of albums.

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