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Beomaster 6000 Help

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abbaz posted on Thu, Apr 8 2021 9:21 PM


I recently managed to get a hold of a Beomaster 6000 which I have been hunting for ages!

The unit was completely dead with no signs of life and I have managed to get it almost working again with the help of this forum. So thank you for that!

The only problem I have now is that the unit can not tune radio stations and this is already documented on here and I ordered the u264b ic and replaced it, it fixed the problem briefly and I was able to tune radio stations.

After testing the BM I put the unit in standby then unplugged at the mains so I could close everything back up, when I powered it back on I have the same problem again so perhaps the ic has died? 

When the unit is on standby the green stereo led light  remains illuminated and it stays illuminated on all other input sources.

Has Anyone come across this problem before ? I don’t want to order another IC and try again incase it fries it! Any help would be appreciated.

Ive replaced the caps and trimmers which were supplied by Martin, I did not replace the trimmers on the radio board as I don’t have the test equipment to set these correctly.




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Answered (Not Verified) abbaz replied on Fri, Apr 16 2021 8:36 PM
Suggested by abbaz

Just a quick update, I managed to locate the problem, it was a faulty transistor on board 6, TR4 BC548B.

Even though the transistor tested fine and was within parameters when I did a live test for some reason the transistor allways remained in the “on” state even in standby mode which was powering up the tuner board which then was keeping the green stereo indicator light on.

All working fine now since I replaced the transistor.




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