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Need some Help / Beomaster 6000 / Beogram TX and 1200 / Beogram CDX2

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Chris1988 posted on Thu, Apr 8 2021 10:22 AM

Hi There,

i really need your help. It concerns the following devices:


1. Beomaster 6000 (Type 2051)

I started a thread some time ago and thought that the defect had been fixed but unfortunately the problem is back.

Here is the Link to the thread:

The cracking noises can be clearly heard again. Some potentiometers were broken and I swapped the potentiometers, but nothing helps. Cracking noises. After a few seconds there is a very loud crackling in the speakers and then the cracking noise is gone. If I turn off the Beomaster and turn it on again, it starts all over again. First cracking noises and after a few seconds a very loud cracking noise. I will upload a video on Youtube. I will also upload photos of the potentiometers. I will measure the values again and submit them later.


2. Beogram TX

My new Beogram TX makes a very loud humming noise if the Record starts to Play (Needle on the Record). I've replaced the Caps and checked the Wires. I was surprised because it doesn't look like in the service manual. I've made a drawing for you.

I changed the cables so that it looks like the service manual. But nothing is still humming. The ground cable is connected to the Beomaster, this cannot be the problem. I checked the chinch cables and even tested a new one, but still humming. The Light from the Detector Arm seems to be ok. It lights up. The Needle seems also be ok. I don't see a broken tip under the magnifying glass. I cannot test the pickup system because i don't have a second Beogram with this pickup system.

I've switched the Chinch Plugs an put Right to Left (Beomaster) and Left to Right (Beomaster). Than i get a humming noise and a very quite audio signal.


3. Beogram 1200

My Beogram 1200 is slower than Speed 33 and 45. I've cleaned the bearings and re-oiled them. I've replaced the Drive Belt with an new one from Beoparts. Always the same problem. I think the Idler Wheel is not ok or is it the Motor?


4. Beogram CDX2

I get an Beogram CDX2. Sometimes the Lid opens sometimes not. Mostly the Lid does not open after playing a CD. The next Problem is that the CD only plays for a few second than the Motor stops. No Touch button react only the Eject button. The lid opens a few millimetres, the Motor (for the Lid) blocks and screeches very loudly. Then I can only pull the power plug. After I have plugged the power cord back in, the Lid opens again normal.

Does anyone have the service manual for the Beogram CDX2? Is it just because of bad capacitors?


I know it's a lot but I hope you can help me


Many Thanks


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Here is a video of the cracking noise:

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