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MMC20EN magnetisation

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dreamth posted on Sat, Apr 3 2021 5:49 AM

I had once a functional Beolab 2202, but it suffered an accident 10 years ago and very recently i started to build a 15 inch toneram specifically for this turntable's cartridge so that i can use it with a different turntable...It might be foolish to use it with such a long(yet very light tonearm), but i just felt MMC20EN  can work with a long tonearm having a very small footprint and i can use the tonearm's weight to safely load the cart and remove resonances although i also use damping right where the cart is fixed to the tonearm.I know the reason of having a very light and not so long tonearm would be lower record wear, but this is simply my try on this subject and my tonearm might get shorter later.

Here's my  question to people already used with B&O products :

As i am using a very powerful, but small magnet and a thin layer of polyurethane damping to fix the metal square back of the cartridge to the tonearm, i wanted to ask what might be the effect of adding an external magnet to te cartridge body if the magnet is centered right in the center  of the back of this cartridge.I saw very few internal photos of this cart, but i figured that i can only strenghten the cart's magnetic field by adding an external magnet , while its own magnet might be a little weaker after 30 years .

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