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Problems with Beogram 8002

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Buckco55 posted on Thu, Apr 1 2021 1:44 AM

Any Help would be Great. I have read all posts dealing with this 8002 turntable. everything has ben recapped all joints have been soldered. When i got the unit it had no power i found fuse blown in power supply after i replaced it the display had 33.33 nothing else worked, after i replaced the cap in the processor box. Now when you plug it in the platter starts turning you can select 33 or 45 and the speed changes, the tonearm does nothing at all  , I replaced blub in the keypad it was blown but no change, also if i unplug and plug back in the wire coming from the cap c24 in the processor box to the main board, the standby light will come on like it should , and if i hit play the platter will turn on but that is it, any help would be great i hate to give up and sell for parts.  I am no electronics person  just starting thanks chuck

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