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Beogram 6500 Audio via BM6500/1611 to ML-network

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kimhav posted on Tue, Mar 30 2021 8:54 PM

Would it be possible to get the Beogram 6500 to play audio through the ML-network if it's attached to BM6500 which is connected to the ML-network via Beolink 1611? While I'm aware that PHONE isn't available any more and reused for either N:MUSIC/N.RADIO (can't remember which) were the idea would be to make use of DVD2 (or any other available and not used remote code) or would A.AUX be the one to use. What are the possibilities here.

To be mentioned, the following gear exists in the current setup beside the BS6500 system which I'm curious to what extend I could include to the ML-network: 1xBV10, 1xBS Moment (via BLC), 1x BS9000, 2xBeolink Active, and 2xBeolink Passive including a MLGW (old version).

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It would make my attic's BM4500 redudant which I find a pity!

install a 3rd BLC Whistle

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