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Beolab Stage versus Sonos ARC + Rears (sonos 1 or symfonisk)?

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tuttivini posted on Sat, Mar 13 2021 1:36 PM

I like the looks of my 'self made' TV-wall with LG C9 55" Oled.
I love how the Beolab 8000's mk2 blend in (height, alignment, etc.)
But always wanted a 'better sound' with movies/series (better/crisper voices, and maybe surround effect).

Bought a 7.1 some time ago and placed it on a self made wall bracket under the TV.
Love the looks (placed black speaker cloth on the grill to match the 8000's).

Connected everything to a B&O Playmaker (hidden underneath floating shelf).
See attached photo's.

I control the volume with a Beo4 remote and signal recognition (TV sound, airplay, dlna, etc) switches automatic. Works like a charm.

Sound is 'ok', but it is just 'double stereo' -> Left 8000 with left side 7.1 and Right 8000  with right side 7.1...

Considered an Almando multiplay surround decoder 2, but pricey, outdated (no atmos etc.), not spotify connect and TuneIn (I use this in severall rooms) bad support and hear things like a risk of static noise, bad volume behavior/control, mediocre dac, etc.

At this point I'm thinking of selling the Beolab 7.1 and buying a Beolab Stage or Sonos ARC.

Both soundbars' are 'all-in-one' solutions and unfortunately there is no possibility to include the BeoLab 8000's in the system (as dedicated left and right speaker).

So only reason to keep the 8000's is because they look so good (and maybe for separate stereo music listening if they outperform the chosen soundbar)?!?... Also a little attached to the timeless design.

I'm thinking of Beolab Stage or Sonos ARC with two rear (surround) speakers, like two Sonos 1s, two Ikea Symfonisks or two Symfonisks table lamps (like the looks of those speaker-lamps and can easily place them).

Which would give me the best sound (75% for movies/tv and 25% for listening to music).

What are your opinions and experiences?



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Thanks for all (@Millemissen @Sibbi @AnalogPlanet @jevezina @trackbeo @PaulGiles @your answers and opinions! Very usefull Thumbs Up

@trackbeo Thanks for the compliments about my photos/self made wall. You are correct about the 'geometry'. Everything I'm going to add or remove is a change of looking like a 'mismatch'.
The Beolab 8000's play a leading role in the design....

I removed the 8000's last weekend to judge the new look. I can't get used to it. 
The 800's need to stay. If only for looks...

Maybe a soundbar for tv/movies. So I get better dialogs, more rumble (a model with a wireless subwoofer or a model that can produce quite some bass on its own, like the stage), more surround feeling, etc.

And use the 8000's (coupled with a nice dac/streamer, something better than my current B&O Playmaker) for music listening?
Guess the Stage isn't going to sound better with stereo-music on it's own?

About your suggestion to use a AVR-Preamp?
Curious how this would sound with the 7.1 as dedicted centre channel and 8000's are left and right (compared to a good soundbar).
Most models, which have 3.0 rca pre-outs (or 5.1 if I want to add rear speakers and sub in future) are to big to place underneath the shelf.
Maybe the new Canton Smart Connect 5.1 all in one wireless AV-preamplifer is an option.
Or the already mentioned Almando Multi surround...

I tried a Marantz NR AV-receiver in the past with my former Philips TV (see photo below, click to enlarge), floating underneath the shelf with self made brackets.
Worked great and looked nice, but the NR models only have 2.0 preamp RCA outputs.
If I want 3.0/5.1, the Marantz/Denon/Yamaha/etc. AV receivers (with built-in power amplifiers that are unnecessary for me) the form factor gets too large).

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