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Beocenter 1400 - input possible ?

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Sventchik posted on Mon, Mar 1 2021 7:52 AM

Hi all,


in our foundings (from grandfather's house), after several Beocenter 9500 & 9000, several remotes Beo4 or Beolink 1000, several speakers (B&O C75, Grundig Audiorama 700 cubes, Grundig Audiorama 7000 sphere, Siemens Klangfilm 3741), now we just found a "new" Beocenter 1400 ! 

Amazing aspect, nice technical condition, sounds good with the Beovox C75 + subwoofer.

Our question is concerning the connections :  there is a 5 pin DIN plug for external recorder, is it only output or also input ?
And the phono input, does it already include the RIAA correction or is it a line input ?

In fact, we would appreciate to plug external source (bluetooth or CD).... so what ideas for this nice looking beocenter ?

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