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Beogram 2000 Type 5823 not powering on

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Ranat1 posted on Sun, Feb 28 2021 3:48 PM

I finally bought my first B&O product which is this Beogram 2000 type 5823 from the 80’s. The seller claimed that it was “Near mint” and it certainly looks well kept inside and out. Except the seller apparently never plugged it in because it refuses to power on. (Or they knew and I got screwed)  I searched the forum and didn’t see anything on point and I am pretty great with mechanical stuff but novice with electronics and turntables. So please help me. 

I carefully took the unit apart and checked for loos wires and continuity. I am not sure what the voltage should read at each connector but I traced the power to the main board and the first few capacitors but no power leaves the board to go to the control board and buttons. So can someone walk me through how to diagnose the problem here?  Your help would be really appreciated!

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