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AppleTV 4K losing center channel signal with B&O avant 55”, switch source to “fix”

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x509v3 posted on Sun, Feb 21 2021 6:24 AM

I’m hoping someone else is either NOT having this problem with the same components or is having the issue and has identified a fix. 

here’s the symptoms and setup:

- Apple TV 4k, connected via HDMI to a

- B&O avant 55”

problem I have:

I watch an Apple TV program (eg netflix or Disney+), everything sounds and looks great. After the program, I watch another show and sometimes the center dialog is not playing. If I use the B&O remote to switch to a new source and then immediately switch back to the appleTV source, (and leave the Apple TV program playing), the program sound works perfectly - eg the center channel dialog is working again. 

this happens on the appleTV 4K and happens with netflix or Apple TV or Amazon prime.  It’s as if the Apple TV somehow sends the wrong type of encoding to the B&O when the program switches. And it doesn’t happen every time, which makes it hard to diagnose. It used to happen more often when netflix would show animated “previews” after a program ended.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is anyone successfully using an appleTV 4k  with a b@o avant 55”?

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