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Beolab Transmitter to non-B&O TV via Ethernet?

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jabell posted on Wed, Feb 17 2021 5:20 AM


I purchased Beolab 18s, 19s, Core, and Transmitter 1. I want to connect the speakers to a non-B&O TV. Here is my current situation:


Cables I have:

1. Powerlink to Powerlink cable (side question: is this the same as an ethernet cable? aka RJ45? I'm trying to understand the difference).

2. Powerlink to 2 phono cables (at least I think they're called phono).


Transmitter 1 Situation:

- I have successfully paired and assigned the 18s to PL1 (Left and right) and 19 to PL2 (left)

- Currently set to "sub 2.1" and "yes - B&O input." 

- Currently have the "Powerlink to 2-phono" cable running from Powerlink port on the Core, to the L&R input on the Transmitter. I have configured the core via B&O app and can successfully stream music from my iPhone. 

- However, in order to connect to my TV, can I do away with the "Powerlink to 2-phono" cable (and Core) and simply run a "powerlink to powerlink" cable from the Transmitter to the ethernet port of my TV? Will this control the volume as well? I have read on this forum that most people are using an optical cable from the Core to the TV, but are then forced to find another solution to adjust the volume. This is my last resort. 


I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I am not familiar with the nomenclature of cables. 


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