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Which Blinds

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Seanie_230 Posted: Sat, Feb 13 2021 6:44 PM
Hello all

I am after some new blinds and would like some advise

I would like them to work with apple Home app so i can say open living room blinds to 50% for example

I would like them to integrate with BLI when I finally buy the pro license (future proof) so I could set a macro for example.

I prefer for them to be battery operated.

I hope they are blackout and thermal.

Any idea’s?



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chucky replied on Fri, Feb 26 2021 9:08 PM
I use Velux and Somfy. Somfy with Homeassistent and a Tahoma box RTS and IO. Velux is IO and works directly with a klf200. Khimo gave great support on the KLF200 (-as always).

Homeassistant is complex, but the integration with the BLI is ok. This will take time to get perfect however I have 5 electric skylights and 12 blinds all working pretty samelessy together.

If you want normal curtains I would try the DOOYA they are cheap and work also with the BLI. a Somfy rail with heavy curtains will be a lot more expensive.

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trackbeo replied on Sat, Feb 27 2021 5:33 AM

Here in North America, Lutron Serena seems like the easy choice.  @Willie keeps harping on the Beotalk podcast how his Lutron lights work with BeoLink Gateway, and of course Lutron touts their little hub box (Caseta, so limited Serena selection, plus not as many devices as a Homeworks setup) as Homekit compatible.  Somfy tries really hard not to deal with end users here, but for small-ish sizes & a few standard fabrics, you can place a Lutron Serena order on! They are battery-powered, and like all Lutron devices, the batteries last a long time -- in this case 2-5 years depending on size.  I have never used this stuff as you intend to, only a Lutron Caseta hub and its Pico remotes with a Sonos system, so you should look to someone else for confirmation, and maybe even pay a retailer/integrator -- especially if you are in the UK, where Lutron mains devices are not available down at the ironmonger's, as they are here.  P.S.  Get used to the nomenclature:  BO stands for BlackOut, not Bang&Olufsen!

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