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Beosound 4 - outputs - beolab dual inputs

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AlexA posted on Sun, Feb 7 2021 3:01 PM

Can anyone tell me if both powerlink outputs of my BS4 send L+R? With the though to connect 4 speakers to the outputs:

Powerlink 1 to splitter - beolab 3's

Powerlink 2 to splitter - beolab 2500's (I have these on their side under my TV as a sound bar with the lumpy bit out of sight behind the TV).


I've just bought the cables that use a USB 5v trigger to run the beolab 2500's directly from my TV.

Would it be safe, mainly for my BS4, to use powerlink splitters to have dual inputs to my Beolab 2500's (BS4 & TV output) connected at the same time? The aim being to be able to use the TV with the  2500's & the BS4/BL3 separately?

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