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Beoremote One Faulty?

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BenSA posted on Thu, Jan 28 2021 10:25 AM


I have bought a 2nd hand Beoremote One. I am trying to use it as a Beo4. I have selected Beo4 Audio on the menu but when I press radio, or cd etc... nothing happens. The screen works perfectly. I did check if the IR Transmitters light up using my phone camera but they don't. Does this mean that it is faulty or am I doing something incorrectly. I have another Beoremote which I can get to work perfectly. Just wondering if there is an IR setting I don't know about.



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I don't think the IR frequency B&O uses is visible on a phone camera. Just checked with mini and I don't see it either. It does work however.


There's a menu option in the list somewhere where you can enable of disable the IR signal.

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