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Harmony opens up when using Deezer/TuneIn

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LuffeDK posted on Sun, Jan 17 2021 9:36 AM

I am often experiencing that my Harmony “opens up” when engaging Deezer or TuneIn in the B&O app on my IOS device  

I want to avoid it and in general it seems like it only opens after having been in standby for a long while. 

“Always open” is disengaged in the settings.  

Any advice?

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Similar situation here.

When I start Airplay or TuneIn the Harmony starts opening. Half way it stops and closes again. My dealer told me, that will change with the next software update. But when you know B&O this software update will probably come earliest next year or never when B&O decides until then to move on to the next generation.

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