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Beosound 9000 MK3 strange issue :(

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marexy posted on Fri, Jan 15 2021 7:42 PM

I have BS9000 MK3  serial 189... with SW 3.4

with strange problem ..

Red led is flashing...unit is working for 3 minute than go off.

and i can perform test modes with no problem 71,73,74, 27 ,,ok  maybe some cd issue some times ..but in general is all working. 

When i enter PIN number on display shows ERROR . but the code is correct.

I can not find or do Master code input ( i have master code ) .

But red led is blinking all the time :(  when in or working.


any idea what could be wrong ?



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Pat replied on Fri, Jan 15 2021 8:01 PM
Microprocessor board? Do you know history of this unit?

I’ve seen a few times parts from different types in one unit ( someone bought on ebay ),

then you can expect everything ...
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marexy replied on Fri, Jan 15 2021 8:26 PM


I trade that unit for some BL 6000 speakers.

it's all MK3 not mix mk1,2 and 3. I did check all components.

Are you sure it's Microprocessor board ?

If i do test for Microprocessor all is ok no error ..hmmm

Keith Saunders
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Based on what you have said it sounds like the pin code has not been accepted or written into memory.

How exactly did you enter the pin code? It should be entered by doing the following:-

  • The service code must be entered when a source is selected and the product asks for the PIN-code “PIN _ _ _ _” press down the "down" button on the keyboard for three seconds and the display now writes “PIN _ _ _ _ _”, press the "up" and "down" buttons on the Keyboard to select digit, press OK on the Keyboard to accept digit.
The same procedure is used for the mastercode

Regards Keith....

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