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BS 9000 + BS Moment left channel only working

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Rolf 2
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Rolf 2 posted on Sun, Jan 10 2021 3:54 PM

Hi dear members,

I´m asking for your help for understanding and solving my following issue:

I have my BS Moment connected via NL/ML Converter to my ML network, using the Converter as V Master and my BS 9000 as A Master. "TV" is the Beo4 button for TuneIn and "DTV" is used for Deezer, mapped in the Converter menu accordingly.

The BS 9000 is connected to a pair of BL 3´s and a BL 11. The PL cables run from the unit in wall to 4 PL sockets in the room. I´m using one socket for the BL 3 left channel and one socket for the BL 3 right channel together with the BL 11, connected via PL Y cable connector.

It worked flawless for the time being, until Wednesday this week. Since then using TuneIn or Deezer let me hear the left channel and the sub only. If I get close to the right channel BL 3, I can hear the music playing as well on a very, very low level. Very irritating: Using CD of the BS 9000 brings a normal result, playing rich stereo music on both channels, supported by the BL 11.

If I play music in another room from my BL 3000 connected to the ML network via a Beolink Active 1636, I get full stereo music of TuneIn, Deezer and CD!

Now, over the holidays I took on some B&O projects, like connecting my recently acquired BS 3 to the ML network and also placing my BV 10 on the wall in the guest room, connecting it as well to the network, replacing the BL 2000. Also, I installed a second NL/ML Converter together with my Beomaster 4500. Still, everything has been working fine.

On Wednesday I have been playing around a bit with option settings, connections and at one point I disconnected the right channel BL 3 and the BL 11 from the mains and from the PL socket to rearrange the cable management. I remember, that the strange behaviour occured after those activities, but I do think that it is likely to be coincidental. But: Using the BV 10 and BS 3 now, they reproduce the same fault using TuneIn and Deezer, playing on left channel only. The BL Active still plays all sources in full stereo.

I tried out several possibilities to find the fault, like exchanging cables, disconnect all other ML systems from the network, eliminated the second NL/ML Converter from the network, playing without the BL 11, resetting the Moment, resetting the NL/ML Converter and exchanging the NL/ML Converters. I also researched the Forum and the web and found some cases with the same symptom (only left channel playing) using a BS 9000. None of them listed a reason or solution.

So, your help is really appreciated, as I cannot see what causes this fault. Maybe it is a defect within the BS 9000?

Kindest regards,


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