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SW update of Beoplay S3 does not work

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Pindsen posted on Fri, Jan 8 2021 9:14 PM


I'm trying to SW update my Beoplay S3 but with out any luck. I have downloaded the Windoes version on this page:

The SW tool recognises my S3 with SW version 6.2.1 but when following the procedure video in the download tool the S3 does not respond as in the video. When putting the S3 into download mode first the B&O logo button must be pressed to dimme the LED and then all three buttons must be pressed at once until the LED flashes red. The S3 dimmes down but when doing the three button press the LED flashes red two times and goes back to white color and the SW tool never proceed the updage sequence and come with an error telling me to start over. Does this sound familiar to any of you and am I doing something wrong?

I can play music via the USB port, so the USB port works.


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