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Why is there not a "No Contact" repair service?

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Beofile7 posted on Mon, Dec 21 2020 3:57 PM

I am sure everyone with a 2 way system has now experienced this problem. I did a few years back and I found someone who offered to repair my Beolink 7000. I was very fortunate in that no caps needed changing, just a stir up and clean. Many thanks to Leslie for that. Where is he now?

But every so often this topic comes back to Beoworld. So it is obviously an ongoing issue. Surely someone can market a service detail? 

I am sure I will take my 7000 system to the grave so if I am lucky enough to get another couple of decades my BL7000 will need this service again. I don't have the knowledge for it so would be looking for someone else to carry it out. The dimming screen is also an issue that could be sorted at the same time???

It could be a good business opportunity for those with the knowledge/skills etc?

No-one wants to bite?

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I can do the repair for you.

but i Life in Germany near munich 

Greatings Markus 

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