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BeoLab5 with Turntable

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coreyvsmith posted on Sat, Dec 19 2020 7:55 PM

I recently moved into a condo where the owner left behind a pair of BeoLab5 Speakers, a BeoSystem1, and a BeoLink that appears to be connected to multiple BeoLab3500 speakers.

However, the B&O TV that was in the same room as the BeoLab5 speakers is gone, as is the Main A/V Control and CD Player.  The wires from those that apparently lead back to the BeoSystem1 (which is housed in an A/V closet, wiring is all run through walls or under floors) have been snipped.

I am struggling to get the system up and running (that's a whole OTHER question for another day), but the one thing I though I might be able to try was to connect my Turntable directly to the BeoLab5 pair using the Line input (RCA Cables from my Preamp direct into the Speakers).

I successfully made the connection to the Left Speaker (only had one Mono RCA Cable at the time), got it to turn on using the Beo4 Remote, Programmed it to Option 1, and BOOM...I got my Left Channel sound.

However....when I got another cable and connected to the Right does not turn on when I hit the Radio button on the Beo4 Remote.  The Red LED is on once I plug it in, but it doesn't go green when I hit the Radio button.  I'm speculating that, because their Powerlink Inputs lead to nowhere, they are not tying together (in other words, hitting the Radio button should turn them BOTH on, but the connection between the two is broken due to the missing TV between them.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to use these speakers as a standalone pair of powered speakers connected directly to a Turntable Preamp? (NOT running or connected to any other B&O gear), or any idea why one speaker would turn on when I hit radio on the remote, but not the other?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you might be able to provide.  Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a B&O dealer here in Reno I can go to for help.

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