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New to B&O

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SpiralArchitect posted on Sun, Dec 13 2020 4:02 PM

Hi folks

Thanks for letting me join I’m a newbie to BO and would welcome any suggestions.

iI have just bought some cx100s and am recovering the speaker covers,what system would you recommend to go with them,receiver,amp,cassette,cd and turntable all possibilities 

thanking you in advance 👍

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Irvine replied on Mon, Dec 14 2020 6:04 AM

Beocenter 9000 works great with them.  Beolink 1000 remote will do everything you need.  Beosound Essence (even Mark I) lets you stream right from your phone.  Cona subwoofer very complementary.  I had the entire system (except the essence) since the 1980s and it had been a joy. In a way,, I miss it.

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