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Beogram 8000 - An exercise in frustration or masochism?

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AndyF posted on Fri, Dec 11 2020 3:04 PM

I have been working on a BG8000 on and off for a while, doing all the usual necessities like caps, tacho disc, reflowing headers, etc. I also had to change a couple of the optos, plus a couple of transistors. I finally got to a working state with all voltages correct and set-down/pick-up working smoothly. A couple of days later when I went to close the machine up, it wouldn't play..  On investigation, I found the BP100 (optical sensor in detector arm) had detached from both leads. It is virtually impossible to resolder the leads back on to this miniscule chip, and I didn't fancy robbing one from my BG6002 or BG4000 (yet..), so decided to try the 'shaved' SFH206k which I'd seen on the forum.

Eventually got it small enough to fit and put the detector arm back together. Plug in - no power.  Investigate again and found 5V supply (transformer pins 8&9) reading 0.7vAC. That is a more serious problem!

Given that both the BP100 and the transformer are as easily available as a Brexit deal, do any of the experts know if it is possible to do a rewind (unlikely by the look of the transformer), or is there a reputable commercial source who can rewind it ?  

Of course, if there's anyone with a spare 240v 50Hz transformer and a spare detector arm, I'd be delighted to purchase them :)  They say Christmas is the time of miracles..

Any good advice from the acknowledged experts would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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