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Beosound Moment - very happy

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Compostela posted on Wed, Dec 9 2020 9:02 PM

More of an expression of contentment than a question really but I have just bought a Beosound Moment and connected it to my BV10 speakers via my Core. It is a massive improvement from using my phone/ipad for streaming music. I really like the interface on the Moment. It feels like a wholesome, pure Bang & Olsen experience now, from Moment to Speaker, with no fiddling around with a phone. And I love the look of the Moment, completely beats having an iPad lying around, or on a stand. Great device, works perfectly, creates a special music browsing experience - very happy B&O customer! 

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Sandyb replied on Sun, Dec 13 2020 8:53 PM

My two cents to this topic. Technically it is understandable, that B&O does not support the integration of a Beosound Moment. Because TuneIn, Deezer, Netlink NL, Airplay, etc. are already integrated in todays Beovisions, theoretically there is no need for an additional Audio Master. But from the user experience it is a horror. The Beosound Moment at least tried to manage different audio sources (local mp3 files and Deezer) with a common user interface (MoodWheel, search function, genres selection / search) addressing different user needs. Instead Bang&Olufsen offers a useless B&O app regarding the manage / selection of music content, today. After 3 years of development it still does not offer any useful integration of local mp3 files and a limited Deezer access. Not talking about a integrating of additional streaming provider like Apple Music, Tidal, etc. So from the technical viewpoint B&O made the correct decision. From the usability / software development view point a low cost Chinese manufacturer could not do it worse. I do not understand why B&O is not able to purchase some Sonos loudspeaker and test the Sonos App to get at some ideas how an integration could work ...

Exactly right

And that's why I went down the Roon route.

Yes it's not cheap, but what is these days

The B&O app is not useless, but it's also limited and unsatisfying.

And yet, amazingly, there are those who seem to think that B&Os software has become very good!
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