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Beolab 8000 speakers, amplifier + turntable, airplay integration

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Bleryblery posted on Sat, Nov 21 2020 11:55 PM


I am planning to purchase Beolab 8000 speakers and since I'm a newbie on this subject I would like to ask a question regarding integration of my whole imagined system. I have tried searching similar thread but with no success, mainly due to digital signal solutions like converting the signal to digital or having just one source like apple airport express.

I would like my future Beolab 8000s to be connected analogue way to analogue amplifier which then receives the signal from analogue turntable OR through airplay over my wifi (+ in future CD players or even cassette player). This solution keeps the analogue connection between the turntable and the speakers (without converting to digital and then back to analogue) but I can still use them as regular airplay speakers connected to my phone, tablet or laptop. 

Do I understand it correctly- will such solution work? Does anyone have any recommendations for the amplifier? Because from what I understand Beolab 8000s are active loudspeakers which means the amplifier should have input as only "preamp" correct? Nothing too fancy, I would like to keep my budget healthy with best price/performance ratio.

Anything I might miss in my understanding of such system?


Thank you!


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