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Beovision error code

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beolion posted on Tue, Nov 10 2020 5:25 PM

I do from time to time experience that my bv7-55 is not turning the screen on when selecting dtv but I can hear radio from ML.

I have to turn the tv off and then it works when I turn it on again.

Anyone experienced that?

When I look at the monitor info I see error code

TV 1109 22-2D

TV 1103 22-2D

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Keith Saunders
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Typically, when you have a problem that requires you to switch the TV off and then back on again, it is related to something connected to the micro-processor bus.

The error codes you have listed decode as follows:-

  • TV -- Well you know it is the TV screen
  • 1103 -- The date when the fault was logged mm/dd meaning 3rd and 9th November
  • 22 -- The hexadecimal address of the element connected to the bus
  • 2D -- The device/element where the error occurred
So, looking at the circuit it is addressing the Teletext (M2) element

From this information alone it is very difficult to say exactly what caused the problem, but it would have hung the micro processor, hence why you have to cycle the power.

Question.. At the time of each of these no TV picture after switch on is the weather poor which often provides reduced signal?

Regards Keith....

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Hi Keith

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.

Highly appreciated


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