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Beocenter 7700 no sound…

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matador43 posted on Mon, Nov 2 2020 12:57 PM

Hi Guys,

I've found a Beocenter 7700 with remote. It is dirty but still has fairly good aspect.
I expected it to have mechanical issues I can fix but unfortunately (or not), this is not the case.

The tape deck need the usual belt replacement, quite easy, the record player works as expected and the radio is receiving programs. 

The problem seem to come from the amplification part: there is no sound coming from speakers or headphone. If I push the volume to the maximum I can hear the sound, from radio or record, it's here but very quiet and noisy., also th mute function works in those condition.

The sound from the line out is clear and as expected.

Upon first inspection I can't see any burned component or visual problem.

Because the unit is cosmetically good and seems to work appart from that, I don't want to give up and send it to trash. But even if I can do basic metering, soldering and component replacing, I'm not good at sourcing them or at diagnosis. So I would welcome a little help.

Are there common fault on this unit, what to check, and any source for component replacement would be great.

Thank you again.


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AdamS replied on Mon, Nov 2 2020 1:23 PM

Do you have the necessary shorting plug plugged into the LINE socket on the rear panel? You won't hear any output if not.

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Speaker switches ON?
Check ripple from power supply (bad filter capacitors).
Can you hear a relay sound from inside and a thump sound from the speakers, when the Beocenter is switched on/off?


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Thank you Adam and Dillen,

Adam: First will try to shorten the line Out plug because indeed there is no plug in it (hope, hope, hope…)

Dillen: The relay do clic when On en clic when Off, I've also toggle the switches. If any of the above work, I will need a little clue on the ripple checking thing (I suppose it is to check the gamut of the output from the PSU?)


Thanks to both of you.



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Many, Many, Many, thanks,

It was the plug!

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