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BeoSound Core to BeoVision 7 MKV

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Tim84 posted on Wed, Oct 28 2020 5:31 PM

Hello der Beoworlders,
i have a BeoSound Core and want to connect it to my BeoVision-40 MK5. I have a cable from Steve [RJ45 to DIN] for Connection but it wont work. The sound is super silent and seems Not to be Right. The Core is set to fixed output. I tried to connect it to a beosound Ouverture and a Beolink 1611 and Themen via masterlink to the TV. 

do you guys have any idea where the problem might be?

Living room: BeoVision 7 MKV + BeoLab 7-2 + 2x BeoLab 8000 + BeoLab 2 + 2x BeoLab 4000
Office / guest room: BV 7-32 MKIV / BL7-1; BeoSound Core + Turntable
Kitchen: BeoPlay M3
Bathroom: Gira Radio + BeoLab Celestial
Entrance: BeoPlay M3

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