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Beovision 7-40 MK3 - P.Mute to turn off display - Audio only

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Battlecat posted on Tue, Oct 20 2020 10:48 AM

Hi All, 

I am going to buy a Beovision from my neighbour (Beovision 7-40 MK3). He has it bundled with the Beolab 7.2 speaker.

I mainly listen to music, so will connect an Apple TV or an Amazon Firestick to one of the HDMI sources and play music off Spotify. 

At this point, if I hit P.Mute (Picture mute?) on the screen, will the screen turn off, but the audio continue for my internet radio / audio through the Beolab 7.2 (It's the only speaker connected, no surround or other speakers)?

Also is this a real screen off (For lower power consumption as LCD is genuinely off) or is it just setting contrast and brightness to low with the LCD back-light still on (I guess you can tell in a dark room)?

Any advise would be much appreciated, as I am primarily buying this for the audio (If infact P.Mute completely turns off the LCD). 


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Johan replied on Thu, Oct 22 2020 3:12 PM

Thanks Leosgonewild, I tried but had to test some other button combinations to make it happen..

I finally made it work with LINK-AV (under LIST) and DVD commands. BC6 is in option 6.

I am really pleased with this (for me) undiscovered feature!


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