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B&O 6002 turntable.

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ronelias posted on Wed, Mar 14 2012 8:03 AM

Can someone advise me on whether it is possible to connect a 6002 turntable to a B&O 4600 music centre Tuner/amp. The turntable switch on the 4600 is defunct but I use the amp to run my CD player. I would like to play my LP's on the 6002. The 6002 has a 7pin Din plug and the 4600 a 5pin Din input socket. Thanks. Ron.

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Søren Hammer
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The two outer pins are used by the 6002 for Datalink communication. They can be tanken out with a small screwdriver. Remember to keep the pins, they always disappear!

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Dillen replied on Wed, Mar 14 2012 9:19 AM

You can connect it as already suggested by removing the two outer screws in the DIN plug but
if the bad turntable switch is the one related to the source selector pushbutton on the front, it won't work any better than the built in turntable.


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