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beovision 7 connection to firestick or apple TV

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jagb4 posted on Sun, Sep 27 2020 3:47 PM

Hi I have an old beovision 7-4 with three scart ports

I want to connect the v mem  (or any port on the TV)  to either a fire stick, an apple TV or my computer. Aim to watch netflix, I player etc 

model details 

type 9354

item 1817000

series 18884469

TV connected to an echo star sat box SD 600

Can any one help? i managed to do this on an old Avant 32/DVD via a computer but am failing miserablyhere

i have so far connect a scart cable to the v mem port ( ithink) have a scart -hmdi converter box with the firestick in the hmdi socket

thanks for your time and help 






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Once you connect the scart cable, and the Firestick you need to go into the TV connections menu to tell the TV that when you press the V.MEM button to go to that input. The Scart inputs are usually numbered something like AV1, AV2 etc

So whichever AV input it is connected to (eg AV2), choose V.MEM from the list for that input. The menu should look a bit like this

AV1                   DTV

AV2                   NONE

AV3                   NONE

AV4                   NONE

CAMERA          NONE


And you change what it says beside the input to the button you want

AV1                   DTV

AV2                   V.MEM

AV3                   NONE

AV4                   NONE

CAMERA          NONE


When you press the V.MEM now, it should go to that input and show the Firestick. if it is pluggd into AV2

With B&O you do not use the numbers buttons for any inputs, but rather you allocate a specific button to it. So if you have your DVD plugged into AV1, you go into the menu and assign the DVD button to AV1. If you do not have a DVD connected to AV1 and plug your Firestick into AV1 you can still allocate the DVD button so when you press DVD the Firestick shows, or if you prefer to press V.MEM, then alloctae the V.MEM button.

Be careful not to change the setting for the Sat Box AV input or that will stop working. It might be an idea to take a photo of the settings before you change any so you can put them back if anything goes wrong.


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