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Anybody want a Beovision Avant 28" VCR that needs fixing?

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Bill Fraser
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Bill Fraser posted on Tue, Sep 15 2020 8:11 PM

My beloved Beovision Avant 28" VCR (which I've had for more than 20 years) has sadly died.  Last night, running with a low volume setting, it suddenly emitted a loud "pop" and simultaneously lost vision, sound, LED's, and all signs of life.  There was no sign of any smoke, smell indicative of something having been fried, or failure of any fuse in the external power supply.  Up until that point it had run faultlessly for its entire life, with no apparent degradation of any of its functions.  The integrated VCR was also working perfectly when last used.  It has not been subjected to other than fairly light useage, and the green cabinet is in perfect cosmetic condition .

Facing up to hard facts, it is probably uneconomic for me to try to get it repaired (lack of continuing interest on the part of Messrs Bang and Olufsen, non-availability of required parts, transport costs, etc. etc.)

Before consigning it - very reluctantly - to the local recycling centre, I'd be happy to offer it for free to any B&O afficionado out there who might wish to take posession of it to repair it, or even use it for parts.  It is so unmarked that it would also make an excellent candidate for use as a museum display item.

Further details are :

Model             Beovision Avant 28" 50Hz  (purchased New in March 2002)

Item No.         1813011

Type               81/03

Serial No.       14417386

Location          UK Post Code  IV4  (near Inverness, Scotland).


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