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Beocord 5000 4715 and 4705 faults and issues

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Struer posted on Tue, Sep 15 2020 1:00 PM



Hi All, 

I am in the process of fixing a Beocord 5000 4715 and 4705.

The 4715 plays quite well and all control buttons on board 3 work well after cleaning contacts (although I haven’t tested if the auto stop works as all panels disassembled at the moment so can’t put belt on tape counter).


 There is a slight issue when plugging in headphones I get a mono signal, although If I desolder the black lead (earth), then I get a stereo Signal through the headphones. When I switch from mono/ stereo/ aux It doesn’t make any difference. I do get a stereo signal though an amplifier and speakers. 


The other issue is that the left peak program meter doesn’t function properly. 

Although on power up the lights illuminated as they should briefly. However it docent function like the right program meter. 

When I adjust the Trimmers R44 and R51 the lights do change - but they don’t flicker and illuminate properly like the right channel. 


I have read beavers blog on the 4715 and is very helpful 


Before I start replacing trimmers and transistor does anyone have prior experience with the pre amp and might have encountered these issues?



Kind regards,


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