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newbie issues: iPhone to BeoLab 2000 won't work

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ApprenticeLink posted on Sun, Sep 6 2020 5:31 PM



And please bear with me. Wink I'm just outside Cologne, Germany, and have recently bought my first B&O audio products. Over 20 years of dreaming of such luxuries have finally come to fruition.


The first purchase was a BeoSound Ouverture (exactly as seen on "Friends") for my desk and the second one was a BeoLab 2000 (type 1641) for the basement. The latter is supposed to play music from an old iPhone, but won't do anything of the sort. My attempt at a setup is:

BeoLink Active 1636 SW 1.1 (as per label) with IR eye

MasterLink cable from that to the speaker

old, repurposed minijack to DIN cable from iPhone into PC socket on the converter

and a Beo4 is also present and correct.

The speaker works fine when I connect it to the Ouverture, so it is out as the cause of the problem. My thoughts are:

Wrong converter? Can mine even act as a source for the BL2000 or can it only supply PowerLink speakers with the ML connected to a sound system?

Wrong cable? Should I try the "MINIJACK (IPOD, PC, ETC) TO BEOLINK ACTIVE PC SOCKET" from Sounds Heavenly instead?


I thank you for your time!

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I don’t have any familiarity with the Beolab 2000, but found this link that I thought might be some help.

Also, there is a forum topic about a podcast that is done weekly and will be starting soon. The guys that do that welcome questions and I am sure could provide you with the answer.

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Bill Briscoe
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Both the Beolink Active and the Beolab 2000 must be connected to a Master in order for them to work. If you want to use the Beolab 2000 as a standalone system you can use a Beolink Converter 1612 as it will act as a Master.  You can also purchase a Beolab 2000 special cable from Steve and Sounds Heavenly which will work with a Beo4 remote. You must enter a code sequence on the Beo4 to enable the cable the first time and I believe every time power is turned off on the Beolab 2000.  The Beolink Converter solves that issue. 

The socket on the Active is not wired in the usual way, it is a special setup so you cannot use a standard cable, the pinouts are different.

I would recommend using a Converter. Steve can supply the correct able for the audio aux port to iPhone.

Good luck,


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In addition...

The source, that you connect (with the right cable) can only be heard in the room, where the BL Active with connected speakers/BeoLabs are - it can not be distributed elsewhere.

Connecting the iPhone to the Aux-in of the Ouverture would bring you sound there, but not from the BL Active - due to the low sw of the device (no support for the A.Aux command).

P.S. the 1636 is not a converter - but a linkroom product (MasterLink) with connected PL speakers and the linkeye.

And....welcome to Beoworld.


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Thanks very much for your replies and the friendly welcome!

I've got back home after two weeks away and your information has allowed me to find out what I can (and cannot) do with my hardware. Suffice to say that I became rather interested in another set of active speakers, rather than shoving the 1636 back on eBay. Big Smile However, some more reading is required before I start working on that.

Since the BL2000 is for the basement and I cannot run a cable there, I will try to use it with another converter. From what I've read, the 1612 is a US version and in Europe, I should look for a 1613 or 1611.

Any opinions on those alternatives, perhaps including software versions?

In the living room, the suggested setup (iPhone into AUX on the Ouverture) is what I already had and during "testing" (fiddling, really), I found a way to get the AUX input into the speaker connected to the 1636: switch the Ouverture on as usual (A.AUX from the list & Go on the Beo4) and press "play" on the IR eye. I'll cross my fingers that it will still work if and when I eventually try to use another set of speakers with the 1636.

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Since the previous reply, I've bought a 1611 and am trying to get it to work properly as a master for my BL2000. Currently I'm using a 7 PIN DIN to mini jack adapter plugged into the audio aux of the 1611. It does work in theory, but I keep running into the issue described in this thread for a different setup:

I.e. extremely low volume from the BL2000. Are there any reasons to now try something other than the two adapters (DIN to 4 RCA from the 1611 and then 2 RCA to mini jack to the phone) which were suggested over in that thread? Hmm

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