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Light commando Masterlink gateway & Beolink gateway

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jg1976 posted on Mon, Aug 31 2020 7:00 PM

Then: I have 10-11 zones with old masterlink product but RJ45 cable through the house. Light commandos always worked fine. Nearly 100%. 

Now: I switched to Beolink Gateway, also added some new product. In Livingroom i kept my Beovision 7-55 however, the light commando worked fine from beginning. Then they don´t. I restarted Beolink Gateway and it worked fine again, then after a while it don´t.. Now it never works..

Looks like there is something in new netlink that take this function away.. Very frustrating, but cannot find anything wrong in the installation.

Any ideas?

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This is strange...

The only difference between MLGW and BLGW concerning light/control commands is, that MLGW can send state to Masterlink, which the BLGW can not

So, if the BV7-55 is the videomaster, I`d try to set the `STAT. TO MLGW OFF`- you will find the setting in the customer service menu of your BV7.

It´s just a guess, maybe it won`t help (?)

Good Luck


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