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Sick Beomaster 5000

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Jeffrey P Brooks
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Jeffrey P Brooks posted on Wed, Aug 19 2020 5:41 PM

I'm trying to fix a Beomaster 5000 with a master control panel 5000 remote for my father.  When plugged in, the front panel indicates "PH" (phono), and the amp does actually drive some speakers if a turntable is connected.  The front panel doesn't open unless you pull on it, and none of the controls in the panel are responsive.  The remote is also completely unresponsive, with a "NO TRANSMISSION" message showing anytime you push buttons.

I removed the front panel and had a good look at the ribbon cable.  Each of the 10 conductors measured good, so i don't think this is the issue.

I'm guessing that it is time to recap, change trimmers and so on.  I measured some of the capacitors on the infrared board and they don't seem too healthy on my ESR meter.

Question:  is there a board or particular set of capacitors that i should start with to see if i can bring it back to life before investing all the effort in doing a full refurb?  Secondly, are these worth saving?  I have the cassette deck and turntable that go with the set and as you can imagine, they both have issues as well.



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