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Pre-owned Beosound 3200 servicing costs and belt replacement

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ozmatchbox posted on Wed, Aug 19 2020 5:12 AM

G'day everyone,

First of all apologies in advance if this has been covered already but a quick search on the forum so far didn't hit the mark so here it goes.

am a newbie in the B&O products but have been a long time admirer of the brand. Smile

I recently bought a 2nd hand Beosound 3200 with Beolab 4000 with the Beo4 remote (faulty screen but works) after testing the unit with my own CDs and happy so far with the sound so went home with it.

As knowing that the sound system hasn't been serviced since bought by the owner, I decided to get it a once over from a B&O authorised reseller/service center. They said that they will give me a quote on the service & what's required after the technician had a look at it. They were honest enough to say I would be better off getting a pre-owned remote on eBay than get the one that came with my purchase fixed.

However, what floored me was the cost of the servicing & "belt" replacement when they called me last Friday - 14 Aug, saying it would be around AU$600+. Sad .

I asked for details on it but was advised they'd call back.

So for the meantime, I would like to ask from you here what's the usual range for servicing a Beosound 3200 with belt replacement required.

PS.. I have no idea what the belt they mentioned is for Confused

Thanks for reading this far & again soz for the lengthy intro to give it some perspective. Yes



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Answered (Not Verified) bjspa replied on Tue, Dec 21 2021 7:14 AM
Suggested by bjspa

I was given a B&O technician's name by a B&O salesperson for my 'vintage items' ;) Not sure if the info is still active, I've emailed today and it didn't bounce:

Jonathan Dugdale
0439 003 309

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