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BEOSOUND 9000 - minor or major damage ?

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QQ posted on Sat, Aug 15 2020 10:48 AM

I recently had a BS9000 transported by to me road ( approx 3000km)
When it arrived, the CD player is no longer functioning.
It plays the first CD ok, however when it moves it GRINDS & SCRAPES Sad
It then misses the next CD by 2cm.
Tries the next CD, then it shuts down.

Has anyone else experienced similar ?
Is this going to bee a major or minor repair ??

 My local B&O service centre is closed for summer., so i am sitting here doing my head in over it.

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QQ replied on Sun, Aug 16 2020 4:53 PM

How do i run  test mode 71 & 73 ?

I will do another 
physical inspection for the noise

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Extract of the service manual you should try to get.

Test mode activating (by Beo4) 

Wait 20 - 30 sec. after connecting to mains.
Since BeoSound 9000 is in option 0 if Power Link speakers are not connected, the option has to be changed to 1.
Option 1 can be obtained by short-circuiting pins 2 and 4 on the Power Link sockets. See Brief operation guide for further information, if necessary.
By means of remote control from (can only be done if the product is not in option 0) :
Press SHIFT 9 0 2 5 8 with no more than 2 sec. between the individual entering. The remote control has to be in RADIO or CD option.
In test modes the tuner is fully functional and may overwrite the display but the TM will continue.
Select CD to view CD test modes. 


Deactivating test mode (by Beo4) 

Press • and the display shows “TESTMODE OFF” or disconnect from mains. 



Mechanical test of finger protection, sledge and led.
CDs must be loaded in positions 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 but no CD in position 1, (the position nearest the LOAD button).
The CD must be stopped and the lid must be shut when the test is activated.

The following sequence is executed: 

-  End stop is found, the sledge runs slowly. This tests sledge tacho, sledge motor, calibration of the end stop switch. 

-  Lid opens and closes. This tests optocoupler for glass lid.

-  Test of finger protection circuit. 

-  The sledge runs the longest possible distance slowly once, then quickly twice. This tests the sledge tacho for phase errors between quad 1 and quad 2 (the finger protection circuit is cut out during the test). When the sledge is running it must run “properly”. 

-  The lid opens. 

-  Autocalibration of CD positions. This tests calibration, disc detector, sledge motor, sledge tacho, clamper motor, clamper optocoupler, and jaws. The clamper is noise-optimized during the autocalibration. 

-  The sledge runs to the original position, i.e. the sledge position prior to activation of sledge test. 
When error in CD test mode the Error-number refers to TM27 CD-errors. 


Adjustment of autopositioning. 
Test mode 71 must have been executed. 

-  Press SHIFT 9 0 2 5 8 

-  Open the lid and load a CD. 
-  The sledge must be placed in the position where the CD is loaded. 

-  Press 7 3 

-  If the test is OK the display will show: APS ADJUSTED. 

-  If an error has occurred during the test, the applicable error code can be seen during a test mode 27. 


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All I can advice would be to run test mode 71 and 73 to recalibrate the unit as if you had service it maybe, but nothing more i can think to.


Indeed, Unfortunately it's most of the time not possible to solve (audible) mechanical issues caused by transport by using these testmodes. These are meant to use after repair, cleaning, whatever. But not to cover or hide the culpritt which should be fixed first.

Try by opening the glassdoor whether the sledge moves without any problems to the 5th of 6th position and starts playing. If it shuts off during moving the sledge with a closed door, then dust or dirt might cause fautly readings at one or more sensors. During transport the BS9000 has to endure lots of vibrations.


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