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Beocenter 7700 restoration help needed

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ayupchap posted on Sun, Aug 2 2020 1:46 AM

Hi there


Wanted to thank everyone for their help getting my beogram 1700 fixed up and running, its ass ggod as new after replacing the veneer, needle and cleaning up the metal. proudly my new record player!

I have one more item to fix and this is as big one hence it being last. i have a Beocenter 7700 in need of some serious love, this was a hand me down. The device switches on, the display has lost some of its LCD parts but all the buttons seem to work when pressed.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the following:


1. The tape deck. All buttons work but the tape doesn't move. It looks like its going to as the play head moves into position but then goes back down. Could this be a belt issue?

2. The record player. i can't even get the lid open, I don't know how. I press the open button but it doesn't seem to do anything and when i try to manually ope it I feel a lot of resistence as if I could snap it so got scared and left it. How might I be able to get the lid open and what could be wrong? i know I Ihave to replace the needle which is fine but I bet the belt for that also.

3. LCD screen. Anything I can do about some of the missing LCD parts or not really?

OK I know this is kind of a lot but any help much appreciated. The unit cosmetically is in rather good shape and so I'd love to get the parts working and have this proudly playing records and tapes again.


Also I would love peoples views on these devices, are they particularly liked or considered good machines in the B&O world? I love the look and feel its wonderful but I am a complete newbie and have yet to hear anything out of one.





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