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Can anyone service a CDM4 + Decoder from a BC 9500

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auric posted on Thu, Jul 16 2020 10:11 AM


Is anyone familiar and able to service a CDM4 transport mechanism and Decoder board from a Beomaster 9500?

I have a mech that died recently. It stopped playing with the motor going into high speed rotation. I tracked the problem down to a bad transistor driving the spindle motor. After replacing the motor drive transistor pair, the fusible resistor and  a transistor that the failure took took out on the -9V power supply off the decoder board, I am unable to get the mech to function.

It's a bit beyond me at this point.

If someone on the forum has experience fixing this and is willing to have a look at it, please let me know.

Would love to have my 9500 CD player working again!

Thank You,




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